Ways to Save on Auto and Truck Insurance

Aug 27, 2019
All of us are required to carry liability car insurance. Liability car insurance doesn’t insure our cars, but it does insure other drivers with whom we share the roadways. If an accident happens that is our fault, they won’t have to pay to have their cars fixed; our liability insurance will pay for their car repairs.

You ARE required to carry liability car insurance, but you are NOT required to carry collision or comprehensive insurance, which would pay for having your own car repaired after an accident.

Today, you cannot register a vehicle without proof of liability insurance. You can’t get a driver’s license, either, and when a policeman pulls you over, you are required to produce proof of liability insurance along with your valid driver’s license, or you will be hauled off to jail.

There are several ways in which you can save a few dollars on your car insurance:

1. Improve your credit score. The better your credit score is, the lower your insurance rate will be.

2. Combine your car insurance with your homeowners insurance. You will get a discount when they are combined.

3. Ask about discounts. You always get a discount when you insure more than one car, but you can also qualify for discounts if you drive fewer that 7,500 miles a year, take a safe driving course (defensive driving), if your car has an antitheft device, and if your car is equipped with ABS brakes and automatic seat belts that can qualify you for an insurance rate deduction as well.

4. If you are driving an older vehicle, drop your collision and comprehensive coverage. You are likely paying more for the coverage than you would collect if you had an accident.

Liability insurance is the law, but you shouldn’t pay more for it than you have to!
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