Tips to Conserve and Attract Customers

Dec 16, 2018

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How many times as a client, did you feel the overwhelm of a salesman who interrupted you while talking with someone or just watching the products? Attracting clients for some salespeople or business owners was a priority and at times they bothered with the techniques of insistent sellers addressing them directly, with loud music or announcements.

Several years ago, when competition was almost non-existent for many companies, consumers accepted this type of behavior because they did not have many options to choose from.

Business owners had the advantage and could vary the techniques without taking into account the preferences of the public or collect the prices they wanted without having any real concern in case the client was really satisfied or closing the sale at any cost.

The Invisible Client

Today, competition is fierce particularly with the power of the Internet and the expansion of global markets.

If a consumer does not like the product or service or has a bad experience, all he has to do is store his credit card back in his bag and choose from many other companies that will gladly give him what he is looking for.

The person does not even have to leave your house if you do not want to, you can buy online thousands of suppliers who will gladly deliver the products directly to your door and in most cases without shipping charges.

What does this new reality of business conduct mean for you as the owner of a small business or entrepreneur?

Attract customers

It means that you must provide exceptional customer service and high quality products if you want to establish long-term relationships with your customers.

If you have employees, it is also essential that all of you come to understand the importance of making each one feel like a million dollar client, it is about the experience you provide: the feeling your client has when doing business with you .

Get to know your clients, find out what they are looking for, why they ask and then listen to what they say. Make sure you really understand what you want to create or solve, then, if you can provide a solution, offer it.

Building a successful and profitable business depends on establishing long-term loyal customers. Finding new customers to replace those who do not return can be exhausting and expensive.

Addressing the needs of its customers involves listening to them, seeing them and valuing them. Nobody likes to be invisible, especially those who are about to give their hard earned money.

Treat each one as the million dollar customer, because when you build a long-term relationship with them, it is very possible that they become one. Attracting customers by offering a good product with complete and clear information is important, but it is necessary to complement it with the service and the good treatment, making your customer feel unique and important, you will be  loyal .

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