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For over 20 years, Paxtor Auto Upholstery has been serving car owners in Houston and the surrounding areas. We have been in the business since 1991. For high-quality car services, trust our authorized team of professionals. Let us be your local dealer for all your custom upholstery solutions!

If you own a classic car, don’t settle for any second best for your remodeling and upholstery needs. We have over 20 years of professional upholstery experience! Trust our certified team to restore your car to its original glory! When you want your boat to be in working shape for summer, Paxtor Auto Upholstery makes the best canvases for protection.

We are authorized and certified to ensure nothing goes wrong! We’re your 1-stop shop for all upholstery needs! When you’re out at sea or on the lake, how strong is your boat? If you leave your boat to the elements during the off-season, it can be unsafe during the summer! Let Paxtor Auto Upholstery make a custom canvas to fit your boat! Paxtor Auto Upholstery has high-quality standards that others can’t compete with! When you want custom upholstery for your car, we are the only choice for the job!

We don’t make excuses for why you should choose us; we simply guarantee the best! Whether you have a classic hot rod or a family sedan, trust us for all your interior upholstery needs. Nothing is too big or too small for our skilled team. Get only the most high-quality materials to get the results you want! We are open weekends, and we have extended weekday hours.

Jan 25, 2019
United States
9400 Summerbell Ln, Houston,
ZIP code
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