1-2-3 Houston General Contractor works with clients considering an update, remodel, repair/reconstruction, and everything in between. Whether its residential construction or commercial renovations, we can help! We do part of the work in house working closely with the client’s specific needs and wants.


We have installed hundreds of new roofs on residential homes, churches, and townhome projects in the Houston area.

From a minor roof repair to a new roof 1-2-3 Houston General Contractor has the experienced craftsmen to install all aspects of residential roofing. Our team has built a company with high standards, and experience in its field of expertise. Our workmanship is warranted for five years. We are able to offer this because our roofs are never subcontracted, this way we are sure that your roof was installed by creditable, honest employees.

We Carrie accidental insurance for the employees and General Liability for YOUR protection!


We can provide siding repair, replacement, or new installation services.

Houston, homeowners can choose from a variety of siding options, including vinyl, wood, stucco, or metal siding. Our siding professionals can help you to determine the best siding for your home providing a professional installation to ensure your siding looks great and lasts up to or more than the manufacture’s warranties.


Whether you need a family room, great room, a new bedroom addition, a master suite, or a home office, 1-2-3 Houston General Contractor will design and build your room addition to meet your needs and budget. Each room addition is custom-designed to fit your home.

We will make every detail from the outside approaches and walkways to how your room addition blends in with your existing home. Room additions can be for an endless number of functions, don’t be afraid to dream. We’ll make your Houston room addition a reality.


Interior Painting: We follow a strict process on any interior painting project which involves quality attention including planning, color consulting, staging, prep-work, finish-work, clean up, and closing details.

Exterior Painting: Include repairing and painting your home such as wood or vinyl siding, eaves, and overhangs. Additional services include priming and painting exterior brick and stucco walls


Adding a patio cover to your home is probably the easiest way to add year-round usable space to your home. We can build you anything from a simple patio cover with screens and windows up to a four-season patio cover. !

Extend your house with a patio cover that looks like it has always been there!


1-2-3 Houston General Contractor specializes in the art of drywall through the talented hands of our highly experienced employees, all of which are passionate about the finished product. We use extreme caution when using standard drywall since it may be subject to moisture damage. Drywall panels are fastened directly to wall studs or to furring strips applied over masonry surfaces.


Our experience in installations on ceramic and porcelain tiles installations is professional and complete with all of the pieces put together for beautiful kitchens and bathrooms. These design lines are perfect for floors, walls, and bathrooms Uses


1-2-3 Houston General Contractor has years of experience installing crown molding. Crown molding styles range from the simple to the very ornate and intricately carved. It is often that plain molding has a very subtle effect, whereas, elaborate molding can draw attention to the ceiling. Today, wood serves as an alternative material with a more natural appearance, allowing the wood carvings to bring out the natural beauty within the wood grain and texture.


we guarantee you the most gorgeous floor you could ever wish for Installation, comfort, warmth, durability, and authenticity. With so much at stake, deciding on the interior design of your home can be a challenge. Even more than the color of your walls or the style of your furniture, a floor determines the ambiance of an interior. It’s not a decision you make lightly. You want a floor that complements your own personal taste and style of living.


Create a truly individual driveway with our start to finish service using only the highest quality of driveway products, 1-2-3 Houston General Contractor brings you an exciting choice of designs, all of which create the perfect approach to your home.

Wood can be used in many popular structural forms from the light-duty repetitive small structures to the larger and heavier framing systems used in commercial projects such as arenas or storage facilities. We specialize also in metal frame or conventional style building, as well as quality steel buildings! 1-2-3 Houston General Contractor offers professional post frame house, pole barn house, and metal pole barn house construction and design. We also install metal roofing to give your home a traditional look without the concern to reroof your house for the rest of your lifetime!


our work consists of offering integrated solutions for the vital space of the kitchen. With our professionals, you obtain exceptional technical results done and in agreement with your requirements.




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